News of the Weird: Least Competent Criminals


You’ve probably never heard of the man who stole his neighbor’s window curtains only to hang them on his own windows, perfectly visible from the house he burgled. Maybe you never read about the woman who robbed a BP gas station by threatening to infect the clerk with her destructive bacteria. These are the stories amassed in News of the Weird’s “Least Competent Criminals.” And while the woman who robbed the gas station got away because of perhaps the world’s least competent clerk, not all the criminals were lucky enough to succeed––just ask the man who dragged a stolen half-ton safe with his car through Bridgetown, Connecticut, attempting to crack it open.

About the Author

Any serious purveyor of public misconduct must necessarily draw upon a broad range of education and experience, and Chuck Shepherd has worn many hats in his journey to becoming America’s acknowledged wizard of weird. He holds degrees from three of our finest institutions of higher learning: a B.S.. from the University of Texas at Austin, a J.D.. from American University and an M.B.A.. from George Washington University.

Among the jobs he has held are business school and journalism law professor, government bureaucrat and White House wonk, trade journal editor, practicing attorney, basketball referee and NBA statistician, night club revue producer and radio operator for the U.S.. Air Force, including a 362-day/4-hour/19-minute tour in the Republic of Vietnam.

Today, Chuck and his wife live a quiet life in Tampa, Fla., where he decreasingly ventures outdoors.

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