Miss Manners: On Placid Pregnancy

A Miss Manners Guide

Pregnancy is a time for happiness, serenity, and discovery, as well as a time for inappropriate tummy touching and over sharing by friends and relatives. Is it acceptable to give parenting advice to your daughter-in-law? To a stranger on the bus? Must one endure co-worker baby showers?

Entertaining as well as brutally honest, Miss Manners likens pregnant women to low-tier celebrities, and offers not advice but pronouncements on the proper etiquette of behavior to and by moms-to-be in this e-book original. Winner of the National Humanities Medal for her social discourse in etiquette, Miss Manners transforms respectful behavior into a tool for everyday life.

Go ahead and let your mother-in-law visit the hospital when the baby is born and resist correcting your best friend when she nicknames your unborn child “Nat-Nat.” After all, Miss Manners reminds us, in a few months, you may need a babysitter.

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