How to Be Sane

A Groundbreaking Mental Wellness Guide from a Gorgeous Female Doctor

Being sane: it’s what we are all striving for, right? With tips and tricks from widely celebrated—and extremely fictional—therapist, Dr. Theresa Lawn, you too can achieve mental sanity, a higher sense of self, and the perfect Denver omelette.

Dr. Theresa Lawn—a demented, self-proclaimed therapeutic genius—has shared her groundbreaking treatise on the mental health sphere exclusively with Emmy-nominated writer and performer Emily Altman (whose absurd and hilarious voice you may recognize from shows such as Big Mouth, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Inside Amy Schumer).

There’s so much to learn from Dr. Lawn’s work—from how to deal with change to learning what Dr. Lawn’s boyfriend’s butt looks like, from how to approach conflict to understanding her profound passion for both McDonald’s and Bob Dole. These are deeply universal human experiences—and support for it all is within these pages.

About the Author

Emily Altman is one of the executive producers on the hit show BIG MOUTH and HUMAN RESOURCES. She has fantastic writing credentials, having worked on shows like THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, DIFFICULT PEOPLE, and THE PRESIDENT SHOW

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