How to Be Sane

A Groundbreaking Mental Wellness Guide from a Gorgeous Female Doctor

Being sane: it’s what we are all striving for, right? With tips and tricks from widely celebrated—and extremely fictional—therapist, Dr. Theresa Lawn, you too can achieve mental sanity, a higher sense of self, and the perfect Denver omelette, in this satirical take on self-help and wellness.

You’ll learn so much from reading Dr. Lawn’s debut and using her groundbreaking, interactive mental-health exercises. For instance, I'll bet you didn’t know that showing your truest self is also being honest about where you’ve hidden your buried treasure. Remember you can be both vulnerable (revealing your hidden treasure to Dr. Lawn) and strong (helping her carry it to her ship) at the same time

And that's just one of many therapeutic revelations contained in these pages. (The What McDonald’s Means to Me exercise is the best part).

This book is for anyone who is a little tired of getting advice from unhinged Instagram influencers, TikTok-ers half their age, and billionaire self-help gurus. Because in the end, sanity, like most things, is probably overrated.

About the Author

Emily Altman is one of the executive producers on the hit show BIG MOUTH and HUMAN RESOURCES. She has fantastic writing credentials, having worked on shows like THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, DIFFICULT PEOPLE, and THE PRESIDENT SHOW

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