Frazz: Cogito, Ergo Caulfield

What happens when an eight-year-old mischievous boy genius becomes best friends with the brilliant-though-humble elementary school janitor? Pages upon pages of hilarious comic strips, of course! Caulfield gets a kick out of frustrating his mean old third-grade teacher, Mrs. Olsen, by cracking wise-guy jokes and facetious questions; his reward is detention, where he gets to spend time with the equally quick-witted janitor Frazz. The two spend conversations discussing everything from math to literature with funny insight accessible to readers of all ages.


This e-book original collection of Frazz strips compiles the most amusing—and most touching moments as the friendship between the unlikely pair develops. Cogito, Ergo Caulfield is not only a celebration of creativity and clever humor, it also includes exclusive commentary from Frazz’s creator, Jef Mallet himself. Mallet’s work was nominated by the National Cartoonists Society for a Reuben division award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2004, and Frazz has won two Wilbur Awards in 2003 and 2005, which honors excellence in communicating values and ethics. Indeed, within Frazz’s jokes and antics is the heart of the strip: an illuminative approach to learning, which is fun for kids and inevitable for adults.

About the Author

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