Last Kiss: Surviving the Big Three—Holidays, Family, and Zombies

The holidays are always fun—if you discount nosy relatives, stressful family gatherings, and the inevitable question “Were you naughty or nice this year?” Well, most people would say they were nice, but John Lustig’s Last Kiss shines a light on the absurdity of such a question. Using art from the classic 50s- and 60s-era comic strip First Kiss, Lustig adds his own witty observations on the futility of family functions, and the hilarity that comes along with the holiday seasons in his new e-book original collection. Of course, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, as we know it, without a few zombies thrown in for good measure.

About the Author

John Lustig has written hilariously silly comics for Disney, Marvel, Viz and more, though he is best known for his Last Kiss comics.
Last Kiss began when Lustig bought the publishing rights to something that no one else seemed to want–an old Charlton Comics series called First Kiss. The cost? $400 for the entire 40-issue series.
Lustig began rewriting the panels–replacing the often-absurd romance dialogue with his even more absurd humor. Since 2009, Lustig’s Last Kiss has been a web comic on
Before comics ruined his brain, Lustig was a reporter–covering everything from mass murders to school lunch menus. (Thankfully, never in the same article.)
In 2001, Cartoonist Northwest presented Lustig with its highest award, the Golden Toonie. He lives in Seattle with his wife and a giant, insane cat.

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