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Contacting Our Creators

Want to get in touch with one of our talented creators? Email AMP Publicity and they will help direct your message to the right person.

Please note:

Bill Watterson is not available for media interviews. If you are a member of the media looking to book or contact someone in relation to The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, please contact AMP Publicity. If you are not with the media, but are hoping to receive an autographed copy of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, or wish to have correspondence forwarded to Bill Watterson, we are sorry to report that at his request, we do not forward such correspondence his way for the sheer fact that he would be unable to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

Also, the permissions/reprint department for FarWorks, Inc, the company that owns and administers the rights to The Far Side® cartoons and all related works by Mr. Larson, is currently on hiatus and will not be processing new requests for the time being. If your interest remains, please reach back out to us again.