Luann: Love Is Awkward

The Luann and Quill Saga

What do you get when you combine a hot Aussie and an insecure Luann? Awkwardness, with a capital AWK. And what happens when the hot girl, Tiffany, digs her claws into the hot guy? Then what happens when the hot guy has to go back to Australia? If awkwardness is funny, then this saga is hilarious.

About the Author

 Born, raised, and educated in the Los Angeles area, Evans discovered at an early age that he wanted to be a syndicated cartoonist. He worked as a high school art teacher as well as a graphic artist and a promotion manager for a television station while pursuing his dream of writing a comic strip. After several failed attempts, he was inspired by the antics of his then nine-year-old daughter-and Luann was born. Evans lives with his wife in Southern California.

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