Endtown: Ballad of Holly & Wally Part 1

Welcome to Endtown, a community of animal-like mutants and “impure” humans infected with a mutagenic virus living below Earth’s post-apocalyptic surface. Driven by hunger, they venture out only in search of food, but must face bloodthirsty, mutated monstrosities and the constant threat of the Topsiders; un-mutated, technologically advanced humans bent on exterminating all mutations in order to create a genetically purified humanity.
A venture to the decimated surface of Earth in search of food brings danger to a trio of animal-mutants in The Ballad of Holly & Wally, Part 1. After an unexpected scuffle with the deadly, ruthless Topsiders, alligator mutant Allie Alvarez welcomes a new and somewhat reluctant addition to Endtown’s misfit family.

About the Author

Aaron Neathery was born March 7th, 1975, in Houston, Texas, and graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston with a degree in Visual Arts in 1993. He has worked as a professional animator, voice artist, and cartoonist, creating the self-syndicated comic strip Albert for college newspapers in Texas, and is currently in the fourth year of producing the hand drawn daily adventure strip Endtown for gocomics.com. Aaron also produced and performed the one-man radio comedy series Electromatic Radio for the Pacifica network. He writes and performs music, and studies classic film and comedy among other desperately unprofitable hobbies. He resides in happy poverty with his girlfriend (and sometime assistant) Selina and army of mutant cats.

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