Prayers of My Youth

Bold, heartfelt ruminations from celebrated poet F.S. Yousaf on religion, faith, and coming of age in the shadow of them both, Prayers of My Youth is a must-read for lovers of poetry and honest takes on the human experience.

Prayers of My Youth is bestselling poet F.S. Yousaf at his most transparent and autobiographical. In this collection on spirituality, youth, and finding oneself in the midst of life, Yousaf intertwines his history with those who've come before him as he works toward acceptance of his experience growing up in the Islamic faith. This revised and expanded edition includes 20 never-before-released poems that take readers deeper into his journey, with hopes that they will see small moments of themselves reflected in the pages.
Vulnerable and honest, Prayers of My Youth is F.S. Yousaf at his best.

About the Author

F.S. Yousaf is a poet and writer from New Jersey. He finds himself writing about many topics, but notably mental illness, love, and spirituality. He is the author of four poetry collections, including his debut Euphoria, Prayers of My Youth, Serenity, and his best-selling Sincerely. He has a bachelor’s in history and secondary education from William Paterson University. When he is not teaching or writing, he obsesses over making the perfect cup of coffee and takes pictures using his 35mm film camera.

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