The Soul Journey of a Black Woman in America Having a Human Experience

Daughter is a memoir-style collection of poems and essays by model and poet Ebonee Davis that form the narrative of what it looked like for a young black woman in America to break generational cycles, begin to heal the trauma that lives in all of our bodies, and embark upon the spiritual awakening that changed her life.

An introspective exploration of growth, healing, forgiveness, and self-love, Ebonee Davis’s debut collection is a must-read for anyone and everyone having a uniquely human experience in an ever-devolving world. Timely, moving, and inspiring, Daughter is a powerful reminder that the journey to true freedom must always begin with the journey within.

About the Author

Ebonee Davis is an American model, poet, actor, and activist from Seattle, Washington. She is one of the fashion industry’s most prominent voices, advocating for representation and diversity in front of the camera, as well as behind it, with numerous magazine covers, campaigns, and film credits. Ebonee is the founder of DAUGHTER, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to unifying children of the diaspora, providing sponsorships for young scholars looking to connect with their African ancestry, as well as those who seek to expand their narrative and understand their roots by returning back to West Africa for immersive experiences.

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