The Secret of You

Poetry About Shadows and Light

In the long-awaited follow-up to his bestselling collection, The Truth of You, poet Iain Thomas explores the unseen forces that shape our inner experience.

A collection of over 200 pieces of poetry and prose, The Secret of You focuses on the thoughts and feelings that we might not share and have trouble expressing, the things that we need to let go in order to heal.
Enhanced by ink illustrations, Thomas’s newest volume asks and answers vulnerable questions on themes of love, loss, identity, shame, and more. 

About the Author

Iain S. Thomas is a writer and new media artist. He is the author of several books including Every Word You Cannot Say and the internationally bestselling I Wrote This For You series. He regularly travels the world to work, attend festivals and conferences but when he isn’t, he lives in New York with his family, two cats and a dog.

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