Glass Hearts & Unspoken Goodbyes

Poems of Healing and Hope

Glass Hearts & Unspoken Goodbyes is a collection of poetry that celebrates love and the journey through it and back to it that connects us all.

A follow-up to Kayla McCullough’s breakout debut, Glass Hearts & Broken Promises, Glass Hearts & Unspoken Goodbyes is here to guide readers through the transformative magic that lies buried in heartbreak and the pain that arises when love spills over into unrequited. From suffering to self-empowerment, this collection is broken into chapters along the journey that remind you to embrace the storm, the hurt, and the rescue, on your way to finding hope in tomorrow.
Love sustains, and we must do everything we can to return to it and preserve it.

About the Author

Kayla McCullough is a poetess and writer residing in the US.
As a young child, Kayla would often lose herself in books as a way of escapism from real-world experiences. As she grew older, her passion for writing helped her discover who she was, and she began to use poetry to express her thoughts and feelings. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and hopes that her heartfelt poetry encourages readers to share their stories in their own unique ways.
Kayla began reading and sharing her poetry on social media in October of 2021 and has since built a supportive and loving community of readers who encourage her daily to keep telling her story. Her debut collection of poetry, Glass Hearts and Broken Promises, published in the fall of 2023. Known by her fans, friends, and family as a woman who loves a little too much, thinks a little too loudly, and feels a little too deeply, Kayla is only just getting started sharing her voice with the world.

You can follow her journey on social media:
Instagram @kayla.mccul
Tiktok @kayla.mccul

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