The poems within Oaths contain a promise made to oneself for a better future. Read with all the hope you can muster.

A stunning and emotional follow-up to 2022’s Serenity, poet F.S. Yousaf continues his exploration of the self along the journey into adulthood in Oaths. This earnest collection picks up where Serenity left off, speaking to young readers who may be struggling with finding purpose in life and feeling hopeless in the face of recession, war, and division. Yousaf doesn’t offer answers, but a welcoming hand and a warm embrace to remind us all that we are not alone on the journey toward hope, love, and a life of meaning.

About the Author

F.S. Yousaf is a poet and writer from New Jersey. He finds himself writing about many topics, but notably mental illness, love, and spirituality. He is the author of four poetry collections, including his debut Euphoria, Prayers of My Youth, Serenity, and his best-selling Sincerely. He has a bachelor’s in history and secondary education from William Paterson University. When he is not teaching or writing, he obsesses over making the perfect cup of coffee and takes pictures using his 35mm film camera.

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