The Girlfriends’ Bible on Dating, Mating, and Other Matters of the Flesh

The Good Book for women to live by!

The creator of Boyfriend-in-a-Box is back with a book that lays down the law, chapter and verse, for female relationships. Friendship between women is sacred. The Girlfriends’ Bible is filled with hilarious scriptures that women can and do live by. What a divine way to tell your best gal pal how valuable that friendship is.

Women and girlfriends of all ages will find bits of inspirational encouragement on every page:

* Yea, though you walk through the valley of cracked sidewalks in high heels, do not fear. For I will be there to pick you up when you fall on your ass.

* When you are heavy laden with PMS poundage, I will take your burden for you and deny thy girth.

* I shalt not steal your boyfriend, hairdo, or signature color. 

* When you get older, I shall forsake you not. For friends are like wine–the older, the better. You can get equally drunk with old or new wine. But intoxication with old wine is far more pleasurable.

* If your cup runneth over because your bra is too small and you look like a common whore, I will tell you, just as you would tell me about a visible panty line.

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