I Love You More Than Beer

And 99 Other Declarations of a Guy's Adoration

I Love You More than Beer . . . And 99 Other Declarations of a Guy’s Adoration is the sincere but manly way for a guy to express his love! And it’s in the shape of a beer can!  

I Love You More than Beer. . . contains one hundred professions of true love, guaranteed to elicit gratitude, giggles (and maybe a little late-night action) from its female recipients. Author Rex Hamilton identifies things that men really love-golf, barbecue, cars, computers, Monday Night Football, the lawn, and, of course, beer–and compares those things, in tongue-in-cheek style that’s peppered with sexy double entendres, to a man’s love for a good woman. The result is page after page of hilarious but heartfelt flattery and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say "Hey babe, you rock!" For example:

* I love you more than beer. You taste better than beer (even those pricey microbrews), you’re less filling, and when I’ve had more of you than the law should allow, I can still drive.

* I love you more than golf. You’re more fun to hold than the sweetest putter. I can score with you, even in bad weather. And you’d never penalize me for slow play.

Whether a guy needs to just say, "I love you," or needs a ticket out of the doghouse, I Love You More Than Beer is the perfect offering.

About the Author

Rex Hamilton is a carpenter/contractor by trade and a devoted husband, father, and beer lover. This is his first book. He enjoys playing basketball and complimenting his wife.

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