What They Say and What They Really Mean

Cathy Hamilton calls them exactly as she sees them. Sometimes she’s sharp, sometimes she cuts close to the bone, but always she’s flat-out funny and insightful. Readers can’t help but laugh………even at themselves. Whether focused on motherhood, fatherhood, being a kid, dieting, dating, or friends, Hamilton hits her mark. That signature approach comes through clearly in Over-the-Hillisms, and the truth about the utterances of the "no-longer young" is revealed.

Move over Mr. Webster. Cathy Hamilton is now helping readers discover what the message is. Following in the vein of her best-selling Momisms, Dadisms, and Kidisms, the author delivers Over-the-Hillisms: What They Say and What They Really Mean. No legitimate dictionary of American age-related remarks and comments could be funnier. 

Perfect material for everyone from forty-somethings on up, Over-the-Hillisms is full of those telling sayings that reveal they’ve finally gone over to the old side. Oldsters may not be history, but they’ve certainly got one, and that fact slips out in just about every comment and observation they make. They say, "They don’t make ’em like that anymore," "When I was a kid………" or "Do they have an early bird special?" but Cathy knows-and shows-what they really mean.

Consider "What is she wearing?" "This ism is typically used to comment on the more radical fashions of the day," Hamilton writes, "including sheer tops, low-low rise jeans, and extreme body piercings. Many seniors conveniently forget this same ism was used by their elders."

Over-the-Hillisms captures quips on topics from reading glasses and VCRs to the younger generation and thriftiness, and spins them into right-on tongue-in-cheek truth.

About the Author

Creator of Boyfriend-in-a-Box, Cathy Hamilton earned her 15 minutes of fame with appearances on the Today show and To Tell the Truth. Cathy currently writes a weekly column called Boomer Girl Diary for the Lawrence Journal World and is founder and editor of www.BoomerGirl.com, a web site created especially for women who were born during the baby boom. She lives with her husband and the occasional boomerang kid in Lawrence, Kansas.

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