How to Stay Productive When the World Is Ending

Productivity, Burnout, and Why Everyone Needs to Relax More Except You

A biting humor collection about the cult of productivity and the feeling of impending doom that comes with it, from Reductress.

Juggling careers, maintaining relationships, managing side gigs, and sustaining an engaging social media presence is hard––and we're expected to do it all while battling the ever-present feeling of existential dread against the backdrop of climate catastrophe, an ongoing pandemic, and social isolation.

From the editors and most popular writers of Reductress, the only satirical women’s magazine in publication, How to Stay Productive When the World is Ending is a collection of essays, how-tos, and “inspirational” graphics to help you laugh when staying both sane and productive in a commodified world feels impossible. From “’Doing What You Love’ and Why That’s Bad,” to "Why I'm Prioritizing My Career Over Finding a Better Career," this collection perfectly skewers the indignities, big and small, of living through late-stage capitalism.

About the Author

The first and only satirical women’s magazine, Reductress takes on the outdated perspectives and condescending tone of popular women’s media. Sarah Pappalardo is the co-founder and editor of Reductress. Damien Kronfield is the Deputy editor of Reductress. Previous books include How to Win at Feminism - The Definitive Guide to Having It All - And Then Some!

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