Escape from a Video Game

The Complete Series

This box set is the only way to own the complete Escape from a Video Game series plus The Lost Files, an exclusive bonus adventure! Each pick-your-plot story drops young readers into a different video game to defeat monsters, solve mysteries, and outsmart supervillains.

The follow-up to the bestselling Trapped in a Video Game series puts the controller in your hands. Choose where to explore, when to attack, and who to trust as you uncover the secrets buried deep within each game. Once you finish the three main adventures, check out The Lost Files, in-print and illustrated for the first time, for one final showdown with the ultimate villain.

Book One: The Secret of Phantom Island
Trek to a mysterious island as Cooper Hawke, the greatest treasure hunter the world has ever known. As you battle strange creatures, solve ancient puzzles, and unlock hidden areas, you’ll discover that Phantom Island is keeping secrets far more sinister than anyone could have imagined.
Book Two: Mystery on the Starship Crusader
Join eight strangers inside of a video game for a chance to win a million dollars. Survive to the end, and you’re rich. There’s just one problem: a traitor is hiding among your group. This whodunnit space adventure is perfect for fans of Among Us.

Book Three: The Endgame
One hundred villains will enter Grim Island, but only one will be crowned the Greatest Supervillain of All Time. Will it be you? Fortnite fans will fall in love with this battle royale adventure’s frenetic pace and quirky humor.

Bonus Book: The Lost Files
The Lost Files unlocks each book’s secret adventure to take you on a wild ride that leads to the ultimate villain of the series. This newly illustrated collection of stories, previously only available online, provides a satisfying conclusion to the Escape from a Video Game saga.

About the Author

Dustin Brady writes funny, action-packed books for kids. Although he regularly gets locked out of his own accounts for forgetting passwords, Dustin still remembers the Super Mario Bros. 3 game genie code for infinite lives. It’s SLXPLOVS. Dustin lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, kids, and a small dog named Nugget.

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