Don’t Climb This Mountain

Adventures in a Video Game

Archie Maloney’s obsession with YouTube sensation Sir Hype has reached an all-time high. Sir Hype just announced that he’s seeking contestants for his latest mountain challenge, which—thanks to a breakthrough in technology—is taking place inside of a video game. Archie will do whatever it takes to climb that mountain.

This is the second book in the Adventures in a Video Game series, a new series by bestselling author, Dustin Brady, where each book contains its own adventure in a different type of thrilling video game. ​

YouTube sensation Sir Hype is using groundbreaking technology to take his annual mountain challenge inside of a video game. One hundred contestants will battle digital monsters, glitching terrain, and backstabbing allies for a chance at fame and fortune atop the peak—or, at least, a chance to make it out alive. 
Thanks to some quick thinking and a willingness to bend the truth, Archie Maloney does make to the mountain. He also brings dozens of other contestants along for the ride, including his little cousin Mae, an ambitious girl named Naila, and the infamous Devil Doug. If the gang can survive a wild race to the mountain, fierce snowball fight against a robot yeti, and showdown with an avalanche, they’ll discover that the real danger has just begun. On this mountain, you can’t trust anyone. 

About the Author

Dustin Brady writes books for kids who think they hate reading. His Trapped in a Video Game and Escape from a Video Game series have sold over two million copies because—as it turns out—there are a lot of kids who think they hate reading. Dustin loves Tetris, pinball, trick shot videos, and many other silly pastimes that he calls “book research” even though they very much don’t seem like book research. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, three kids, and a small dog named Nugget. Dustin honestly can’t believe he gets to do this for a living.

Jesse Brady is a professional illustrator and animator who lives in Pensacola, Florida. His wife, April, is an awesome illustrator too! When he was a kid, Jesse loved drawing pictures of his favorite video games, and he spent lots of time crushing his brother Dustin in Super Smash Bros. over and over again. 

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