Big Dweeb Energy

A FoxTrot Collection

This new FoxTrot book collection includes full color FoxTrot Sunday comics from 2020, 2021, and 2022, and is packed with Bill Amend's delightful artwork and signature geek humor.

Peter Fox never met a pizza he couldn’t devour in 30 seconds flat. His younger brother Jason never met a pizza he couldn’t incorporate into a complex physics equation about centrifugal force. Their sister, Paige, just wishes here brothers weren’t so annoying. Together with parents Andy and Roger, the Fox Family siblings navigate the nuances of remote learning, assembling gravity-defying ice cream cones, and trying not to humiliate their father in chess. Family pet iguana, Quincy, even gets in on the action in a brief stint as a TikTok star.

So bust out your Rubix cube, fire up your Dungeons and Dragons strategy videos, don your Star Wars costumes, and get ready to celebrate your inner dweeb with this brand-new collection of FoxTrot Sunday comics.

About the Author

For over 30 years, FoxTrot cartoonist Bill Amend has been injecting his quirky brand of family humor into America’s newspapers and bookshelves while earning a reputation as an authority at signing overly well-read, dog-eared paperbacks.

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