The Adventure Tarot

A Road Trip—Inspired Deck for Self-Discovery & Belonging

A fun and inclusive spin on traditional tarot cards, The Adventure Tarot invites you on a magical road-trip to find your true self. Author Elizabeth Su can’t wait for you to embark on this adventure of self-empowerment with her.

The Adventure Tarot is the fun, fresh, intersectional guidebook and card deck we’ve all been waiting for! The first of its kind, this road trip-inspired tarot deck from writer Elizabeth Su is on a mission to celebrate the Asian American experience and empower women to love all aspects of themselves and the natural world around them. The 78-card deck, full of gorgeous illustrations by artist Jenny Chang, takes you on an epic adventure of self-discovery, acceptance, and belonging. Curated with slumber party vibes and best-friend advice, this contemporary deck designed for tarot newbies and seasoned practitioners alike will resonate with outdoors lovers, crystal hoarders, boba connoisseurs, and everyone in between.
If you’re ready to connect to your intuition and find out who you are underneath who the world told you to be, then pull your first card, and let’s hit the road!

About the Author

Elizabeth Su, MA (she/her) is a mixed Chinese American writer, creative, and the founder of Monday Vibes, a newsletter focused on women’s empowerment and uplifting AAPI voices. She earned her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, where she researched burnout and perfectionism. Her work has been featured in the LA Times and centers around topics such as self-love, intersectionality, and the multifaceted nature of being human.
When she’s not writing (or trying to smash the patriarchy), you can find her dancing in the kitchen, binge-watching the latest YA series, or finding the hottest boba spot in town. The redwoods are her happy place.

Jenny Chang is an illustrator and designer based in NYC, currently working at Insider as a Deputy Design Director. Raised in Vancouver, Canada, she graduated at the School of Visual Arts with her BFA. When she's not drawing, you can find her laughing at dog memes, obsessing over astrology, or over-eating desserts.

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