The 7 Chakra Crystals

A Guide to Find Your Balance and Peace

Explore this beautiful, illustrated manual to learn about crystals and their beneficial relationship with chakras. For beginners and experts alike, The 7 Chakra Crystals invites readers to find beauty and balance in everyday life.

Crystals have been used for centuries to heal physical and emotional issues. When a chakra is compromised by unsolved traumas, it tends to work poorly, and the related organs can get sick in time. To avoid that, many use crystals or stones to restore the balanced frequency of the chakra, putting it back at work harmoniously.
This book, conceived as an illustrated manual, includes:

  • A detailed breakdown of the seven chakras
  • Descriptions of the properties of different crystals, and connects them with their relative seven chakras
  • Instructions for each crystal's vibrations, times, and usage details, including the most suitable cleansing techniques.

About the Author

Luca Apicella is a naturopath with 20 years of experience in teaching Crystal Therapy (Crystallogy). He founded Le Porte di Atlantide and the cultural association ATLAS. He is an expert in chakra and psychophysical rebalancing, phytotherapy and flower therapy, Tarots, symbolic medicine, Chinese medicine, and foot reflexology. Currently, he organizes courses and seminars for both groups and individuals.

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