I Affirm My Power

Everyday Affirmations and Rituals to Create the Life That You Desire

Take a deep breath and feel the love overflowing within you. Take a deep breath and feel the energy of the Universe holding you. And take one more deep breath and tell yourself – everything is going to be alright.

Successful writer Phoebe Garnsworthy has crafted the perfect combination of affirmations, daily rituals, spiritual practices, journaling, and meditation to help others find the sacred space to connect with their own souls. Through the power of self-love and self-care, Phoebe guides others to reveal the divine light within themselves. Create a sacred space to honor your soul, in I Affirm My Power: Everyday Affirmations and Rituals to Create the Life that You Desire.

About the Author

Phoebe Garnsworthy is an Australian author who seeks to discover magic in everyday life. She travels between the worlds of the seen and unseen, gathering ancient wisdom and angelic energy. Her writings reflect a dance with the mystical and wonderful, an intoxicating love potion to devour in a world that overflows with forgotten love and enchantment. The intention of her writing is to encourage conscious living and unconditional love.

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