Cat Ninja

Heart of a Hero

Calling all Cat Ninja fans: Your favorite feline ninja is back in another action-packed collection of stories from Epic Originals!

It’s nonstop crime time in Metro City, and the hero the city needs is…Octopunch? Even an eight-armed avenger can’t keep the streets safe by himself, though, so Cat Ninja’s spending all his time catching crooks—and no time curled up with his family. When he realizes that Leon needs him more than Metro City does, it might be time to hang up the nunchucks. But with a brand-new baddie kidnapping every pest and pet in town, can our hero really afford to cat nap?

This book includes a two-part bonus tale featuring Cat Ninja and friends against a vengeful villain with a fishy agenda.

About the Author

Marcie Colleen is the author of numerous books for kids including: Penguinaut!, The Bear's Garden, Survivor Tree, and the Super Happy Party Bears chapter book series. She enjoys reading, running, watching baseball, and eating ice cream—although not all at the same time! Marcie lives in San Diego with her husband and a beloved herd of stuffed animals. Visit her at

Stephanie Cooke is an award-nominated writer and editor based out of Toronto, Canada. When she’s not writing, reading, or coming up with cringe-worthy puns, she can be found curled up with her snuggly cat...that she is very allergic to. Her graphic novels, Oh My Gods! and ParaNorthern are out now. Find out more about her by visiting

Steven Scott is an Eisner Award-winning co-author of the New York Times bestselling graphic memoir They Called Us Enemy and has been writing comics since 2010. Having grown up a military brat, he has lived all over the U.S., spent his youth in Australia, and currently resides in Canada.

Nick Murphy is a filmmaker and co-hosts “Continue?,” a YouTube gaming comedy series. He co-wrote the children’s comic, Cosmic Pizza Party, with his writing/producing partner, Paul Ritchey. They have also written on the Epic! Originals series Cat Ninja, Time Buddies, Creepy Cafetorium, and Master Hamster Super Science. Nick enjoys being color-blind, the '80s, time travel, and Star Wars. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, artist Rebecca Chewning, and their awesome son, Desmond, who both enjoy not being color-blind.

Paul Ritchey is a filmmaker and Web Host living in Philadelphia. He hosts "Continue?," a weekly gaming comedy show. He also performs on Pretend Friends, an actual-play tabletop role-playing show. Paul is so fast that his moves are beyond human recognition. Some question his quickness, but that is only because his speed is so beyond human recognition that he appears to be standing still.

Chad Thomas is an illustrator and cartoonist living with his family in McKinney, Texas. He’s worked on books such as TMNT, Star Wars Adventures, and Mega Man and also illustrates activity and educational books. He loves his family, comic books, and Star Wars and will let his children beat him in checkers, but never in Mario Kart.

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