Billy Chapata’s Accents of Growth

Acclaimed author Billy Chapata presents this exclusive audio collection of his three books of poetry and prose: Chameleon Aura, Flowers on the Moon, and Velvet Dragonflies. Meant to inspire self-love, healing, and reflection, Chapata’s message is conveyed in a moving, scored performance. 

Chapata’s warm delivery speaks to the multitude of lessons in his books: sharing universal experiences of love and loss, a touching narrative that celebrates humanity for its undeniable worth, and how to find our way back to the path of self-love, no matter how far we veer from it. Narrated by the author, this audio-only edition of his work will resonate in the listener’s mind long after the final chapter ends. 

About the Author

Billy Chapata is a Zimbabwean poet, author, and creative known for his works surrounding the importance of storytelling, love, and connection. Chapata currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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