Before You Know It

Sometimes, beneath the weight of the world, we find ourselves drowning. Let this collection of poetry breathe life back into your lungs and remind you of everything that you’ve already overcome.

SK Williams dives back into their past with Before You Know It, a collection of poetry made up of two stories told in tandem, recalling the ages of 18 to 28, when the world laid waiting at their fingertips and the pressure of figuring everything out was never too far away.
Featuring four chapters, divided into two parts each— “In the Beginning,” “Uncharted Water,” “Beneath the Storm,” and “At the End” —this collection compares two peoples’ life experiences to one another and sees how similar we all really are. Through this book, Williams explores themes of youth, uncertainty, ambition, anxiety, depression, powerlessness, isolation, and body image.
At moments nostalgic, freeing, and youthful, and other times pushed down beneath the mounting pressure and responsibility of young adulthood, these two perspectives ask us to take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come and to trust where life will take us.

About the Author

S.K. Williams is the collaborative creation of a couple who reside in Bellingham, Washington. They met at the bookstore they both worked at and began to run the Instagram page @skwilliamspoetry together. They have cultivated a healthy relationship together and hope to connect with people and help them find the strength within their own vulnerability. The two of them have dealt with bullying, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, mental health, unhealthy relationships, and have dealt with those close to them struggling with substance abuse. Through these hardships, they’ve grown stronger and learned how to better love others as well as themselves.

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