ADHD Doable

50 Proven Strategies to Live Better with ADHD

Feel more productive, less frustrated, and better equipped to thrive with ADHD. Dr. Perry Mandanis draws on decades of proven strategies to deliver game-changing techniques in this engaging and practical full-color card deck.

Take charge and learn to manage your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms. This deck offers easy-to-understand techniques designed to strengthen the executive functions that ADHD impacts the most. Whether you want to build your ability to be more organized, manage impulses, improve focus and attention, or maintain motivation, this deck gives you actionable steps to improve the mental skills you need.

This accessible deck identifies ten executive functions you can strengthen by practicing patient-proven ways to train your mind. Unlike a self-help book, this deck is designed to be a flexible, interactive way to discover strategies for the abilities you want to work on the most. You can succeed with ADHD. 

About the Author

Perry Mandanis, MD has helped people of all ages tackle their ADHD challenges. He has established a unique approach geared towards exercising and strengthening the mental abilities most often associated with the struggles of ADHD. Dr. Mandanis is a pediatrician and psychiatrist for adults and children with over 30 years of practice empowering people to thrive with ADHD. He lives in Connecticut.

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