The Words Left Unspoken

“An open heart can never be broken.”

This collection of poetry is dedicated to those who have ever felt broken by love, loss, and the uncertainty of self-discovery; this collection is the remedy with which to heal.

Allie Michelle, author of bestselling books The Rose That Blooms in the Night and Explorations of a Cosmic Soul, brings us The Words Left Unspoken, yet another gorgeous collection of poetry. Broken into two sections––“breaking” and “becoming” ––this book is dedicated to the journey of surrendering to self. Much like her two previously published books, meaningful illustrations, each with their own message, and Michelle’s undeniable wisdom appear on every page. The Words Left Unspoken teaches us to respect our struggles as we do our successes, and to let our experiences––whether good or bad––sculpt our souls.

About the Author

Allie Michelle is a poet, writer, and co-founder of NFT school for mental health and wellness, We Are Warriors. She is a certified meditation, breathwork and yoga teacher, which has heavily influenced her work. She has performed spoken word poetry across the globe, continuing to share her work and inspire people to live vulnerably, love deeply, and create often.

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