Lover Girl

Lover Girl is the dreamy debut from poet and breakout TikTok star Raegan Fordemwalt, enhanced with a new cover and never-before-shared poems and art.

In her fully illustrated debut collection Lover Girl, poet Raegan Fordemwalt writes the story of a girl boldly and devastatingly fond of love. So eager to feel, she proudly walks through Heartbreak, Loneliness, Jealousy, and Acceptance on the journey to personal growth and self-love.
This highly anticipated edition offers fans the collection they first fell in love, as well as a special edition cover and 14 all-new poems and drawings! With candor and vulnerability, Raegan and her Lover Girl continue to give readers a soft place to land as they fall back in love with themselves and each poem along the way.

About the Author

Raegan Fordemwalt is a poet from Boise, Idaho, whose journey in writing started as a young teenager. Raegan achieved massive success posting her poetry online via social media platforms Instagram and TikTok as @raeganspoetry. Through her spoken-word performances and captivating illustrations that delve into the intricacies of emotions while navigating themes of love, heartbreak, and the enigmatic landscapes of the human soul, Raegan has garnered widespread acclaim, touching the hearts of millions worldwide.

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