The Moosicians

Meet The Moosicians—four ador-a-bull cows who share one dream: winning Amoorica's Next Big Thing. But there's trickery amuck. Will the other bands butcher their chances? Find out in this laugh-out-loud funny full-color graphic novel that's perfect for fans of Pizza and Taco, Fry Guys, Dog Man, and InvestiGators.

Hugh Oxley dreams of becoming a singer. But he's never left his farm. Daisy wants to shred on her guitar for big crowds. Tauro plays bass, and though he's a bull of few words, his notes can't be beat. Coco is a drummer. She's good. She's also INTENSE. Together, this ragtag crew is The Moosicians. They're hilarious, they're fun, and they're ready to ROCK. 

But can The Moosicians win the music competition, or are ALL of their dreams doomed?

This laugh-out-loud graphic novel will have readers cheering for The Moosicians. Plus, there's a rat named Myrna. Wait, we didn't write that. Did Myrna . . . ? Never mind.

Hey, you there. Yeah you, reading this. Got any good trash that I can hide in? xoxo, Myrna the Rat

About the Author

Steve Behling is a passionate author of stories for kids. He has written books, comics, articles, puzzles, games, and more for a diverse clientele (including Disney, Random House, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, HarperCollins, Marvel, Hasbro, Mattel, and DreamWorks, to name a few). He's also the former comics editor for Disney Adventures magazines. Some of his works include the original middle-grade novels Avengers: Endgame: The Pirate Angel, the Talking Tree, and Captain Rabbit (Marvel Press, 2019), Onward: The Search for the Phoenix Gem (Disney Press, 2020), Agent Stitch: A Study in Slime (Disney Press, 2022), and his own series, The Adventures of Mummy Man and Waffles! (HarperCollins, 2023). He's also the author of Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Team Spidey Does it All!, a collection of first-reader comics. Steve lives in a top-secret subterranean lair with his wife, two human children, and three-legged wonder Beagle, Loomis.

Jeff Crowther has been drawing comics for as long as he can remember. Since graduating from college, Jeff has worked on a variety of illustrations for clients including Disney, Adventures Magazine, and Boy's Life Magazine. He also wrote and illustrated the webcomic Sketchbook and has self-published several mini-comics. Jeff lives in Boardman, Ohio, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, Jonas and Noelle.

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