A Noob’s Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior

The Eye of Ender

The third volume in the Minecraft warrior adventure series follows Runt and Blurp on their quest into the Nether to face the impossible task of defeating an Ender Dragon. Cube Kid's bestselling characters come to life for young readers along with fun illustrations from the 8-Bit Warrior Graphic Novel format.

Runt the villager, Blurp the zombie, and Maggie the warrior all have only one goal: to find the portal to the End and to battle the Ender Dragon. This is no easy quest, especially with a fierce warrior like Alberic trying to block their every move. Will our heroes manage to get past Alberic, make their way to the End unscathed, and face the great Ender Dragon? Read on to find out!

About the Author

Cube Kid is the pen name of Erik Gunnar Taylor, a 33-year-old author who lives in Alaska. A fan of video games—and particularly Minecraft—he started writing fanfiction at a very young age. His first novel, The Diary of a Minecraft Villager, was self-published as an ebook in February 2015 and quickly became tremendously successful in the Minecraft community. The novel was acquired by the French publisher Édi8 and was published for the first time in France in February 2016 under the title LE JOURNAL D'UN NOOB, with new illustrations by Saboten. The Diary of a Minecraft Villager sparked worldwide interest. When he is not writing, Cube Kid loves travelling, fixing his car, voraciously reading fanfiction . . . and gaming!
Pirate Sourcil is a comic book author known for his blog and his comic series Le Joueur du grenier, published by Hugo BD. He is also a fan of geek literature and passionate about the world of gaming.

After studying carpentry, Jez turned to drawing and graphic design and decided to make a career out of it.

Odone is a French illustrator and specializes in adding color to many comic books.

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