The Epsilon Escape

A Very Genius Notebook

Three friends, two worlds, and one truly sublime notebook—that's the premise of this one-of-a-kind work of interactive fiction by three middle school girls who are in the act of writing a paranormal thriller while also getting to the bottom of a concerning issue facing their school. The second book in the Very Genius Notebooks series by Olivia Jaimes. 

Three middle school girls—Misha, June, and Ollie—have already completed writing one book set in the fictional land of Deltovia, but just as they are on the verge of literary stardom, they've got a bigger problem: The school district lines at Lake View Middle School are set to change, meaning their best friends could suddenly be in a different school next year. Meanwhile in their work in progress, a strange laboratory called The Epsilon Facility is holding all kinds of mysterious experiments that could lead to all kinds of danger. While the two stories seem wildly different on the surface, the two worlds are more closely related than it may initially seem. So what can these three friends do to stop the lines and investigate the Epsilon facility? Join Misha, June, and Ollie on their high-stakes writing journey to find out! 

About the Author

Olivia Jaimes' run as the official Nancy cartoonist started in 2018 and quickly became a phenomenon. The first woman to write and illustrate the classic comic strip, she brought a fresh, irreverent vision to the comics page, delighting fans of all ages. Her work has earned praise from the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, Rolling Stone, Smithsonian Magazine, Vice, The AV Club, Slate, Vulture, and readers all across the internet. She has also received recognition from the Ringo Awards, and been named best new comic strip by The Ringer, Tech Crunch, and Hollywood Reporter.

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