Bean The Stretchy Dragon

A Sally & Bean Adventure

Meet Bean—a stretchy, cheerful dragon who lives with a grumpy witch named Sally. Whether she’s solo or with Sally, from burying bones to meeting new friends, in this debut graphic novel Bean finds herself an adventure no matter where she goes.

From the creator of the popular webcomic, Sally & Bean, comes Bean The Stretchy Dragon that follows a day in the life of little Bean who lives in the forest with a witch, Sally. A dash of sweet, a pinch of spooky, and plenty of humor. 

About the Author

Ari Stocrate is a French comic artist living in Paris with her sphynx cat and two lizards—her main source of inspiration for Bean the dragon, from the webcomic Sally & Bean, viewed by 150K people every week. This is her third comic series after Ari’s Thread and the Johnny Vampire trilogy. Bean The Stretchy Dragon will be Ari's debut book.

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