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The Tenth Sherman's Lagoon Collection

Leave it to Sherman to make waves. This every-guy great white shark has something hilarious to say about everything from George Foreman Grills and “hairless beach apes” to soul-soothing meditation and that popular South Pacific Ocean pastime, American football. Like any good shark, Sherm is relentless in his hunt for laughs.If undersea creatures make you think “Nemo” you haven’t yet had the chance to swim in Sherman’s Lagoon. This watery world off the imaginary island of Kapupu in the South Pacific is home to a great white shark named Sherman; his wife, Megan; turtle buddy Fillmore; geeky fish pal Ernest; and Hawthorne, a macho hermit crab. The situations this crew manages to get into are definitely not Disneyesque.

This tenth Sherman’s Lagoon collection includes all the “up-there” topics that “down-there” sea animals usually miss out on: things like which swimmers taste better, those in one- or two-piece suits; how to repair a dryer at 20,000 leagues; and where to find psychiatric help on a coral reef. You could say Sherman’s just a regular guy with a slightly salty look at how things work.

Creator Jim Toomey excels at meshing the human and sea life worlds in a way that makes joke-cracking crabs and style-conscious sharks seem perfectly normal. This collection is sure to hook new fans and reel in longtime Sherman aficionados like never before.

About the Author

Jim Toomey was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. He launched Sherman's Lagoon in 1991 and was picked up by Creators Syndicate later that year. An engineer, a philosopher, a surfer, a scuba diver, and a sailor, Toomey lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with his wife and daughter.

He has been twice awarded the Environmental Hero Award, given by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "for using art and humor to conserve and protect our marine heritage."


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