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Jay often feels that like they are a nobody. Beah, on the other hand, is fierce, charming, athletic—and OBSESSED with the street skipping art, Double Dutch. When the two meet, sparks fly, in this colorful slice-of-life graphic novel about the wonder of platonic friendship and finding your identity.


Jay is always scribbling poetry in their notebook. When they come across Skip, a Double Dutch team, they befriend the members—and decide to join, too. For the first time ever, Jay has a place to belong—and friends to confide in.

But Jay’s friendship with their new bestie Beah is intense, both in and out of Double Dutch. As Beah and Jay help each other grow into the people they will become, it challenges their friendship and their own identities.

This charming “slice of life” graphic novel is about accepting yourself, navigating "first love" friendship, and finding your own voice. It’s rendered in debut author-illustrator Sarah Burgess’s gorgeous art style ribboned with playful humor and sports drama.

“Sequences snake across the page, mimicking the billowing of a jump rope, while sparingly employed structured panels zoom in on emotions or change perspective, complementing the fluid, motion-filled ambiance of Burgess’s endearing debut.” - Publisher's Weekly

"The colors and physical expressions pop in nearly every panel. Burgess is already a masterful visual storyteller and will be fun to watch. … Skip! belongs in every library serving middle schoolers and deserves tween book discussion group awareness." – School Library Journal

“A journey of self-discovery, creativity, and belonging centers a sweet, uplifting story of friendship and ambition.” - Kirkus Reviews ​

"​​This is, appropriately, not one to be skipped.” – The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

About the Author

Sarah Burgess has been working in animation for seven years and drawing comics since forever. Their passion lies in drawing character-driven stories that focus on the complexities and exploration of relationships and people. They are most known for their comics on mental health; they also draw a webcomic, The Princess Beast, inspired by shojo manga and all about social anxiety. Skip! is based on their relationship with their own childhood best friend, who they describe as their first love to this day.

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