Per My Last Email

Witty, Wicked, and Wonderfully Weird Workplace Words and Phrases

Tired of phrases like “circle back,” “follow up,” or the dreaded “let’s take this offline”? This hilarious guide will reinvigorate your vocabulary with direct and delightful alternatives to stale corporate speak.

Offices are a breeding ground for odd expressions and hackneyed platitudes. Why are we peeling onions and putting irons in the fire? Why is our plate always full? And most importantly, how is it even possible to give 110%? Per My Last Email provides you with fresh new words to sprinkle throughout your workday and lift you out of your office-speak rut while making you laugh at the same time. With unexpected and entertaining phrases to boost the productivity of your meetings, revitalize your email game, and even the occasional office-appropriate swear, this book is a fun and informative send-up of stale corporate lingo that will help you freshen up your own workplace communication.

About the Author

 Stephanie K. Wright has spent her life spellbound by words. She lives in Seattle with her effervescent pitbull, Hedy, and her charming grimalkins, Hubble and Atwood.

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