Rainbow Brainskull Oracle Deck

The Rainbow Brainskull Oracle Deck will help you reconnect with your higher self.

From the creative mind of LA-based artist Ramin Nazer, the Rainbow Brainskull Oracle Deck is designed to help you reconnect with your higher self. Nazer has created this unique and eclectic 72-card oracle deck and companion booklet to help explore subjects of creativity, science, philosophy, and death using an explosion of electric colors paired with irreverent and insightful text. 
In the eternal realm outside of time, all is well. When we see the bigger picture, we make better decisions and become more in tune with the flow of life. Charge the deck with your unique energy and see what message it has in store for you.

About the Author

Ramin Nazer is an artist and author based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been a featured guest on The Late Late Show on CBS and has appeared on Comedy Central's animated series Tales from the Trip. Ramin interviews different creatives every week on his art podcast, Rainbow Brainskull.

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