Otto Normal’s Monsterton: The Disappearance of White Pine Beach

Otto Normal and his mom have moved to Monsterton, but there’s one problem—they’re not monsters. In this first book of the hauntingly beautiful and highly illustrated Monsterton series with graphic novel pages interspersed throughout, Otto and his friends embark on a journey to find the legendary White Pine Beach. But the friends find much more than they bargained for when one of their own goes missing . . . possibly forever.

In this hauntingly delightful, highly illustrated first book in a new series, eleven-year-old Otto and his mom move to Monsterton, a gorgeous island on the border of the Belcarra forest and a mysterious place called The Dark. Monsterton is picturesque and beautiful; it's an idyllic place for monsters to be themselves. There's Hamish and his brother Ben, who have been created and sewn together by their pirate father; the royal vampires, Red and Rose, who are followed around by their dutiful guards; Remi, a ghost girl who can appear and disappear at will; Darby, a quiet girl made entirely of slime; and Luck, a zombie who always she thinks she's right. In Monsterton, each monster can be themselves. They are free to be as scaly, slimy, or scary as nature intended.

There's only one teeny, tinyproblem. Otto and his mom aren't monsters.

As a human, Otto feels that he has to prove himself. After all, as Remi the ghost girl reminds him, he's so fragile. Along with Otto's new friends Hamish, Darby, and Luck, the group sets out to find the legendary White Pine Beach—a beach so mysterious, it's rumored to jump locations, never staying in the same place for too long. But what the ragtag team of monsters (and one human) discovers is far more mysterious than a location-jumping beach. And when one of their number doesn't return home with them . . . rumors swirl.

Can Otto find his new friend, fit in with the monsters, and stay true to himself? And what does a lost strix, a bird-girl living as an outcast in Belcarra, know?

This spooky, delightful, and charming full-color, highly illustrated novel with graphic novel inserts is perfect for fans of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Five Nights at Freddy's. Debut author Danielle McKechnie weaves compelling lore and storytelling with delightful characters brought to life by illustrator Simón Estrada. 

About the Author

Danielle McKechnie is a debut children's book author from Vancouver, BC. After studying at Circle in the Square Theatre School, Danielle moved to Los Angeles, CA and transitioned to behind-the-scenes where she worked throughout the entertainment industry in film, television, traditional radio, and live entertainment. Danielle now lives in her hometown of Vancouver with her husband and two daughters.

Simón Estrada is an illustrator from Pasadena, California and currently lives in Hollywood. He earned his BA in Fine Arts from the University of California Santa Barbara and a BFA in Illustration with an emphasis on Entertainment Arts from the Art Center College of Design. Simon often works on popular Disney animation series. MONSTERTON is his first book!

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