Little Taps on the Shoulder from God

A touch can mean so much–friends who reach out to comfort one another, parents who offer a reassuring hand, even strangers who extend a silent sign of consolation. But when that comforting caress comes from a higher power, it carries even more meaning. It’s God’s way of letting us know he is with us, watching over us, protecting us, helping us through life’s adversities.What better time than now for a book like Little Taps on the Shoulder from God, an inspirational volume that provides a place of quiet refuge amidst the world’s chaos, war, and terrorism. Through wonderful anecdotes interspersed with touching quotations, inspirational writings, and thought-provoking scripture, Little Taps on the Shoulder from God gives evidence that we are loved. Take the story of Missouri senator Thomas Benton, who narrowly missed an instant death in 1844 when he turned to speak to a friend who’d laid a hand on his shoulder. He was so moved by his escape that he revamped his entire life. Or the graduate student who felt an unmistakable hand on her shoulder while driving alone through a bitter storm. The experience gave her a calm that’s lasted more than 20 years. As Little Taps on the Shoulder from God proves, the almighty doesn’t always need drama to get our attention. Instead, he often comes softly, like a snowflake or a rainbow or a tap on the shoulder. With this beautifully illustrated book, readers will find reassurance that God is present in their everyday lives.

About the Author

Mary Hollingsworth is the author of more than 70 books, which have sold nearly six million copies and appeared on best-seller lists more than 100 times. She has been awarded the Gold Book Award twice by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Her books include Hugs for Women, Hugs for Kids, Just Between Friends, The International Children's Story Bible, My Little Bible, and WWJD for Kids. In addition, Mary edited the Fireside Stories collection and is a freelance managing editor for the W Publishing Group of Nashville. She lives in Bedford, Tex., with her dog, Jazz.

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