Feline Felons

Caught in the Act

“One Adam Twelve, One Adam Twelve: We’ve got an APB on a young male, black coat with white highlights, flashing eyes that reflect light at night, and a long, sleek tail. Aliases include ‘Kitty, Kitty, Kitty’ and ‘Stormy.’ Armed with sharp claws and should be considered extremely dangerous . . .”Officers Reed and Malloy would certainly be interested in some of the sneakiest beasts to ever roam the metropolis, aka the Feline Felons. Bad cats, after all, are the current rage, and this book has the rap sheet on all the unusual suspects.

Author Debbie Keller knows a bad kitty when she sees one. Her uncompromisingly funny book pairs candid photos of cats caught in the act with clever descriptions of their crimes. Even the occasional, “Is this the face of a cat who would toss a guinea pig out a window?” protestation crops up, too. This cat patrol blotter of feline crimes includes reports such as:

Prowler-A midnight prowler was reported in the vicinity of garbage cans on trash day. Police artists have released this composite silhouette: Suspect is a middle-aged male, brown hair, yellow eyes, stocky build, 91/2 inches tall. Answers to the name of “Here Kitty” or the sound of an opening can.

Adorable kitty cats do more than sleep in the sun. They’re resting up after a night of no good . . . and Feline Felons has “Just the facts, ma’am.”

About the Author

Debbie Keller is a freelance writer. She has written numerous books, most recently about cat criminals. Debbie lives with her family in northern California.

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