Adventure Kingdom: A Knight of the Realm

Adventure Kingdom is back in business! In the second volume of this magical graphic novel series from Epic Originals, Clark and Karoline’s plans to run a seemingly normal park are disrupted when a messenger from the real Adventure Kingdom comes through the portal to summon the land’s one true hero on a knightly quest . . .

With the Iron King safely in exile, the Grand Jerome, Eddie, and the kids reopen Adventure Kingdom with all the magic and none of the mischief. But they soon find themselves back in a world where magic is real and an old foe with a new name has developed a mesmerizing ability to control people’s actions.

To save Adventure Kingdom from this con artist’s clutches, the kids will have to face some hard choices about trust, friendship, and what it means to be a hero.

This volume Includes a bonus Adventure Kingdom tale outside the main plot line—a true delight for readers!

About the Author

Steve Foxe is the author of Scholastic's Spider-Ham series, Rainbow Bridge, Dumb & Dumber: Irrational Treasure, and more than 70 other children’s books and comics for properties including X-Men, Pokémon, Batman, Transformers, Justice League, and LEGO City. He lives with his partner and their dog, who is named after a cartoon character. His favorite things in life are theme parks, creepy movies, comic books, and Chihuahuas.

Pedro Rodríguez studied illustration at La Llotja in Barcelona, Spain. He has worked on a variety of projects in design, marketing, advertising, publishing, animated films, and music videos. He now has more than 40 published books and comic books. Pedro lives by the beach near Barcelona with his wife Gemma and their daughter Maya.

Shadia Amin is a Colombian comic artist and illustrator. She enjoys drawing fantasy, action, and the little joys in life, focusing on emotional and dynamic art. Her work includes Aggretsuko, Spider-Ham, and Dumb & Dumber. When she is not working in comics she is cooking often and loving on her dog, cat, and husband.

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