55 Slightly Sinister Stories

55 Stories. 55 Words Each. No More. No Less.

55 stories. 55 words each. No more. No less. Enjoy this collection of flash fiction with a sinister twist.

Size does matter in these delightfully tiny tales populated with narcoleptic drivers, bickering backers, suspicious spouses, and other memorable characters. Full of dark humor, intrigue, and absurdity, this collection of slightly sinister (and occasionally sweet) stories delivers a bite-size reading experience to satisfy any literary craving.

About the Author

Racha Mourtada is the founder of Luqoom, a boutique publishing house for children's books. She has had a varied career–working as a biomedical engineer, a UN researcher and a public policy analyst–throughout which the one constant has been her love of writing. An alumnus of Faber Academy’s ‘Novel Writing Course’ and the inaugural ‘Columbia Publishing Course’ at Oxford University, she recently decided to leave her corporate life in Dubai and move back to her native Beirut to set up her publishing house and focus on her writing.

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