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Why We Love Cats
Why We Love Cats, "I have learned why cats are so special, that you have to earn their trust and love. I have found the beauty and character that cats possess." When photographer Kim Levin created the magic duet of words and images that appeared in Why We Love Dogs and Why We Really Love Dogs, thousands of animal lovers responded. Now Levin's long-anticipated version for cat lovers is finally here! Kim's gift for capturing the essence of animals is reflected in beautiful photos and playful
Hound for the Holidays
Hound for the Holidays, "This holiday season, let's remember the things that really matter." So begins Kim Levin and John O'Neill's Hound for the Holidays a warm reminder from man (and woman's) best friend to hold loved ones dear at this special time of the year.The holidays (like dogs) are all about sharing, unconditional love, and enjoying the moment, but sometimes, with the hubbub of shopping, !" Pet portrait artist Kim Levin's striking and expressive photos pair perfectly with John O'Neill's warm
Why We Love Dogs
Why We Love Dogs, This endearing gift book celebrates the unique connection between dogs and their human companions.There are reasons dogs are our best friends: They are loyal, affectionate, and totally committed to us. Or as photographer/writer Kim Levin puts it: "Because they look us in the eye." "Because they have wrinkles, too." "Because they are family."In this charming book, Levin artfully, , Levin captures each dog's essence and illuminates the myriad reasons why we love dogs. In America
Pawfiles, Pawfiles presents a dog-by-dog glimpse at the personalities and character quirks behind some of her favorite subjects.In what other book of portraiture will you find a model bio that includes "chases rats and pigeons" followed by "loves filet mignon and creme brulee"?Welcome to the dog-centric world of photographer Kim Levin. Nearly a decade ago, Levin began shooting photos of dogs, to her credit and a booming portrait business, Levin has become a virtual Avedon for the pet
Dogma, Dogma, pairs Kim Levin's stunning black-and-white photography with Erica Salmon's poignant aphorisms to capture the nature and nuances of the way dogs live.dogma--(n.) 1a: something held as an established opinion; especially: a definite authoritative tenet b: a code of such tenets, Kim Levin touchingly chronicled our affection for dogs in evocative images and words. Now she's, ,, canines of all varieties demonstrate the good life in entertaining photos by Levin and carefree

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