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Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy: Time Trout (Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy series, Book 3)
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Shakespeare According to Savage Chickens
Shakespeare According to Savage Chickens, All work and no play made cartoonist Doug Savage a dull boy, until the day that he decided to draw two chickens on a yellow sticky note, followed by enough characters and absurdly amusing situations over the years to cover an entire cubicle farm. Now, in Savage’s trademark style, comes Shakespeare According to Savage Chickens, an entertainingly comical e, of Savage Chickens pays homage, in its own way, to classic literature. Sit back in your seat and enjoy
Fear According to Savage Chickens
Fear According to Savage Chickens, It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you—or is that just something they put out there to make you feel better? Irrationality, meet the imagination. People are afraid of the strangest things, and chickens aren’t any better off. Join Doug Savage and the cast of the Savage Chickens comics as they admit, combat, and hide from their deepest, darkest, and most absurd phobias in this e-book original collection., 9781449450472, (Collection), UDig, ,
Movies According to Savage Chickens
Movies According to Savage Chickens, Here’s looking at you, movie buffs. Follow the yellow brick road inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream to discover why Quentin Tarantino and children’s fairy tales should never mix, why Indiana Jones can’t stand gardening tools, and Fry from Futurama can’t ever catch a break. Your challenge: Identify all 34 movies in this e-book original collection of Doug Savage’s delightfully absurd Savage Chickens comics., 9781449450496, (Collection), UDig, ,
Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy (Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy series, Book 1)
a laser.   Get ready for hilarious, action-packed, laser-powered adventures written and drawn by Doug Savage, creator of the popular comic Savage Chickens. This is Savage’s first graphic novel., 9781449470944, (Collection), Savage Chickens, Rocky and Bullwinkle, rabbits, moose, kid's graphic novel
Relationships According to Savage Chickens
, excessively honest Valentine’s cards, and those scariest of words: “I love you.” Doug Savage doesn’t, Relationships According to Savage Chickens, It goes without saying: love makes no sense. In fact, , the Savage Chickens have blundered practically every sentimental moment in their adventures, . The Savage Chickens are joined by their robot Prod300, bawdy Timmy-Tofu, and colleague Worm, amongst, mishaps along the way. He began uploading sticky notes illustrated with his Savage Chicken doodles
Zombies According to Savage Chickens
matters. Doug Savage, the cartoonist who has maintained the hilarious Savage Chickens web comic blog, Zombies According to Savage Chickens, If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that the zombie, of the zombie’s psyche.  Zombies According to Savage Chickens is not that guide; however, this e-book original, imagined another memorable type of Savage Chicken: the Zombie Chickens. Zombies have one thing, questions—about the imminent zombie takeover that only Mr. Savage has the guts (and the brains
The Very Very Best of Savage Chickens
and spreadsheets. This is precisely the situation in which Doug Savage found himself. His creativity waning, The Very Very Best of Savage Chickens, The office can be a dangerous place. The same old daily, : doodling some cheeky chickens on yellow sticky notes.  He began uploading these drawings to his Savage, . The Savage Chickens must too contend with their mundane office environment, but with a little help, -book original collection is not just an assortment of Savage’s very best cartoons, but his very very

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