Poetry of r.h. Sin 2020 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar
by r.h. Sin
Format: Day-by-Day Calendar
Dimensions: 4.1 x 7
ISBN: 9781449499013
Publication Date: 8/13/2019
Pages: 640


The poetry of New York Times best-selling author r.h. Sin celebrates connection, mourns heartbreak, and above all, rouses readers to seek the love they deserve. The Poetry of r.h. Sin 2020 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar presents some of his most powerful poems of resilience and strength that will resonate with the soul.

Each page of this deluxe daily calendar, with its distinctive cloth-bound wraparound cover that forms an easel, features a poem from the poet’s best-selling Whiskey Words & a Shovel series of books or from his newest trilogy, Planting Gardens in Graves.
Author Bio

Born in New Brunswick, N.J., and later moving to Florida, r.h. Sin comes from a place where a life of pain is the norm and destruction is a constant. Through an early love for reading and writing, r.h. Sin was able to pull away from some of the social distractions that plagued so many of his peers. After returning to the Northeast and moving to New York in pursuit of love, the young modern poet found that and much more.

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