Year of the Witch 2025 Weekly Planner Calendar

Seasonal Intuitive Magick

With ample room for noting appointments, schedules, and assignments, the Year of the Witch 2025 Weekly/Monthly Planner also offers more than twenty-four pages of all-new craft wisdom, spells, potions, and rituals written by folk witch Temperance Alden.

From the bestselling author of Year of the Witch: Connecting with Nature’s Seasons Through Intuitive Magick, this planner suggests modern applications for traditional practices and explores seasonal insights as a catalyst for magickal discoveries. The planner’s bold, symbolic graphics serve as focal points for reflection and growth throughout the year.
Features include:

  • 5" x 7" weekly planner (10" x 7" open)
  • Compact planner is the perfect size for handbag, tote, or backpack while commuting or traveling
  • Wire-O binding offers lay-flat ease and convenience
  • Metallic elastic band closure
  • 12-month planner: January–December 2025
  • Two bonus months: December 2024 and January 2026
  • Monthly two-page-spread views facilitate big-picture planning
  • Weekly spreads with ample writing space
  • Habit-tracker tables—four pages with 12 customizable trackers
  • Pagan holidays, official major world holidays, and religious observances
  • Moon phases, based on Universal Time
  • Two inside pockets for storing receipts and mementos
  • Great for journaling and daily gratitude lists
  • Features potions, recipes, and inspiration for ceremonies to guide you through the seasons
  • A wonderful companion for exploring a deeper connection to your intuition
  • WE PLANT TREES to offset our carbon footprint and resource usage—more than ONE MILLION TREES and growing!
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED—Our paper is sourced from a combination of recycled materials and wood harvested from socially and environmentally sustainable forests and is Forest Stewardship Council® Certified.

About the Author

Temperance Alden is a social media strategist and the author of the book Year of the Witch, published in 2020. She began her spiritual journey with family traditions and has devoted more than twenty years to developing and practicing her personal path of witchcraft and paganism. Temperance studied history at Salem State University and is currently studying religion in South Florida. In her free time, she enjoys blogging and reading what some might consider too many books. Temperance leads the online community Wild Woman Witchcraft and loves teaching folk witchcraft to the next generation of witches. She hosts the FolkCraft podcast and can be found on YouTube.

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