Zits: Current Mood

The Complete 2022 Collection

Relish in the glory of teenager years in the classic American adventures of 17-year-old Jeremy Duncan and his bewildered parents, eclectic friends, and elusive girlfriend in this all-new collection of Zits comic strips. 

Current Mood = hanging out with friends, staying up late, eating pizza, playing guitar, procrastinating your homework, being buried in your phone and/or dirty laundry (did we mention eating pizza?). In short, all of the good things about life as a teenager. With this collection of the entire run of 2022 Zits comic strips, readers can relive their own teenage years as if they were yesterday by living vicariously through teenager Jeremy's adventures with his friends and family. 

About the Author

Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman are the co-creators of the award-winning comic strip Zits, which won the Best Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 2009. Writer Jerry Scott is also the co-creator of Baby Blues, and illustrator Jim Borgman has won a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. Both creators have received the prestigious Reuben Award by the National Cartoonists Society.

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