Take Care of Your Friends

An Enneagram Guide to Interpersonal Relationships

Popular writer and artist Christina Wilcox uses her experience to teach others how to utilize the Enneagram to look outward, rather than inward. Learn to connect and support those from every position on the Enneagram, with Take Care of Your Friends: An Enneagram Guide to Interpersonal Relationships.

The Enneagram is usually marketed as a tool for self-discovery, but it is so much more than that. The language the Enneagram offers us can restore friendships, marriages, and more. It gives us a way to explain ourselves to those we want to be understood by. Removing the communal, relational aspect of the Enneagram is how the true magic of the Enneagram is lost.

Christina Wilcox’s playful yet informative guide will help her readers find ways to comfort their loved ones through the struggles of life in relation to the Enneagram. There is no linear road to recovery for anyone, but the Enneagram may give us a guiding light as we navigate through the things we rarely have a map for.
This book will include:

  • Enneagram “profiles” for each type
  • Tips on how to connect, develop friendships, and support others based on each Enneagram type
  • Eye-catching illustrations to illuminate examples of her tips throughout the process

About the Author

Christina S. Wilcox is a digital creator who specializes in finding freedom by breaking through stereotypes. She believes everyone has the power to harness their goals, and she wants to show people that they can truly achieve whatever they’re dreaming of—whether that’s through the Enneagram, humor, or faith. Christina’s main goal with her platform is to see lives changed through love. She is currently based in Denver, Colorado with her best friend and husband, Noah. During their time off, Christina and Noah love to spend time in nature, critique movies, watch the Dallas Mavericks, and try new foods.

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