Radiate Positivity

Squishmallows are here to fill your heart with love and affection. This entertaining book is packed with quick, encouraging doses of positivity, humor, and the happy warmth of a 'Mallow hug.

Discover your new happy place. Open the book to any page and find an amusing affirmation, an adorable image, comforting words of encouragement, or a fun exercise to help make you laugh and brighten up your day. From celebrating the small things to supporting your friends, this book is all about living life more like a 'Mallow. That means focusing on the good, spreading joy, and being kind to yourself, even when life gets stressful. Enjoy time with your favorite Squishmallows and become an official part of their lovable squad.

This heartwarming collection is the perfect gift for the millions of Squishmallows fans or anyone who needs a reminder that they are awesome.

About the Author

Since its debut in 2017, the iconic Squishmallows brand features unique collectible plush toys with lovable personalities, a whimsical design, and ultrasoft feel. Over 2,000 Squishmallows continue to captivate fans of all ages in more than 55 countries. 

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