Please Wear Headphones

ASMR Guide & Coloring Book

Do you love coloring? Do you love ASMR? This innovative coloring book combines the best of both worlds.

Please Wear Headphones offers coloring book fans an entirely new experience by introducing the element of ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, to their beautiful images. Not only is this book sure to spark your imagination, but it is also quite simple to use. To begin your relaxation journey, simply choose a page you wish to color, scan the QR code with your phone, pick and play a video that tickles your fancy, and start coloring.
Please Wear Headphones is organized by themes and triggers that are popular in ASMR content, such as “Nature,” “Materials,” “Speaking,” and “Unintentional ASMR.” Each section features images and activities relevant to suggested audio/video content––like a campfire image to match with crackling and fire sounds. It's a perfect guide for those new to the phenomenon and a great addition for those that already have their favorite triggers.

The last section of the book features a journal to log things, like which triggers activate the elusive “tingles,” the number of days since your last ASMR session, and even the weather. Be prepared to reach a new level of response, creativity, and relaxation with this unique coloring & guide book.

About the Author

Sean Martines is the author of the graphic novel The Haunted Case of the Octopus and the founder of Domo Avocado Design. He’s hard at work producing more books that will inspire creativity and storytelling in children and adults. He enjoys painting, animation, and Oxford commas. Since graduating from the Art Institute of Colorado he spends most days hunched over a brand new miniature person that only likes walking but doesn’t have the strength and/or coordination to walk on her own. He's a big advocate for the research and development of ASMR and hopes to remain an integral member of that community.

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